McAvoy Group, Coalisland

With over 40 years of experience across many sectors throughout the UK and Ireland, The McAvoy Group is a seasoned professional with a series of industry accreditations and satisfied customers. Our policy of continuous improvement ensures we remain ahead of changing environmental issues and in line with regulatory demands. The McAvoy Group is a principal contractor on several frameworks with clients in sectors such as Education, Health, Hospitality, Sport and Leisure.

At McAvoy, we believe that off-site and modular builds are the future of sustainable construction, and we have the in-house skill set to deliver forward thinking solutions when it comes to modern methods of construction.

Off-site building enables us to minimise any disruption from on-site activity. Bespoke designed modules manufactured in our plants can be installed quickly by experienced and when they are required by experienced staff.

Established 1973 Employees 150+
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