Karro Food Group, Cookstown

In 2008, the former Grampian Country Food Group was taken over by Vion, one of Europes laergest food companies, where the Cookstown operation employs over 550 people. Our Cookstown plant produces Northern Ireland’s best loved sausage and bacon brand. It is a major supporter of Northern Irish agriculture and processes over half of all the provinces available pigs.

The “Cookstown Sizzle” is the brand’s best known strap line and has been used since 1968 when George Best was the brand’s spokesman.

Cookstown delivers on all fronts – for suppliers, retailers and consumers. Our exciting packaging, coupled with our reputation for quality, freshness and taste will help ensure that it remains the home of the Cookstown sizzle!

Established 1938 (Cookstwon Plant) Employees 600 (Cookstown), 18,000 (Globally)
Market International Website www.karro.co.uk